Discussion of Boruto Episode 35: Kakashi Spies on Academy Students!


First of all, the discussion of Boruto episode 35 clearly contains spoiler . So if you have not watched and anti-leak, in fact you go into the wrong article.

Then where can you watch? Crunchyroll is one of the legal sources available. Unless there are obstacles, this site airs Boruto on the same day as Japan.

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If you are already watching or do not mind spoiler do you read the discussion below!




So in Boruto episode 35 Boruto must guide a reporter named Sukea to interview his friends.

Boruto in this episode still lacks the motivation to become a shinobi. Navers may also have known that Boruto's exact motivation as a new shinobi he set after defeating Momoshiki later.

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Together with Sukea, Boruto heard of the importance of becoming a shinobi from his friends. Some even decided not to become shinobi and chose another job.

But there is something interesting from Sukea. Navers veteran must be familiar with this man and find out who he really is.

Yes, Sukea is the disguise of Hatake Kakashi. So actually Boruto and his friends have been secretly interviewed by this former Sixth Hokage.

At the end, Iruka asks Kakashi not to be too harsh on the disciples. Kakashi, however, volunteered to become a tester to ensure that no pupil with a bad behavior became a shinobi.

Kakashi wonders how many students will survive his exams. So it seems that Boruto, who has already calculated to get an easy test, will be absolutely shocked in the next episode.


Orochimaru Comes to Konoha

The theme of this episode is actually a meeting of parents with a teacher. Hinata had already met Shino before the opening was playing. Then Sakura, Ino, and the others were briefly shown later.

Then what about Mitsuki's parents?

For now, it's like all the audiences Boruto already knew Mitsuki's parents were Orochimaru. But Boruto and the person who did not belong to Naruto's important staff did not seem to realize that. Boruto, in particular, will only find out later after the Momoshiki conflict.

So, will Orochimaru be coming to a parent's meeting? Apparently yes.

For Shino Aburame, an actual parent's meeting just feels like a reunion with his friends. Included with Hinata, his former team-mates.

But for this one is really special. He has to chat with people who used to be a threat to Konoha. Just look at his reaction above when having to chat with Orochimaru.

Even so, for now who knows Orochimaru is Mitsuki's parents yes keeps the Hokage staff and certain teachers.

Not only that interesting stuff from Borhor episode 35. Read the sequel on the second page!


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