Discussion of Boruto Episode 34: Otsutsuki Toneri Threatened Danger?!


In Boruto episode 34, a crack of reality appears on the moon. What danger threatens Toneri Otsutsuki there? Did Kinshiki and Momoshiki finally get to the Naruto universe?

Discussion Boruto episode 34 contains spoiler . So if you have not watched and are completely anti-leaked, you're actually mistaking the article.

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So where can you watch? Crunchyroll is a fine legal choice. Boruto is one of the titles available for the territory of Indonesia. You can also watch it with premium visual quality, without annoying ads, and have text. (Though in English).

For those who already watch or do not mind leaks, you can read the interesting events review on Borhor episode 34 below.



Sumire Kakei Releases Nue Again

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<p> The last time we saw Sumire Kakei, Nue sacrificed himself to make sure this girl as well as Boruto and Mitsuki could get away from her world. Nue herself is said to be alive, but the energy beam is weak. </p>
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The cause can finally be seen in Boruto episode 34 of this. Nue is still alive, but her body is small. So why did Sumire pull it out again? Is it to fight enemies like Shizuma? No. Sumire did it to help … fishing.

So, in this episode Boruto invites his friends camping . The genin test is near. If you look at what happened in movie Iwabee, Denki, and Sumire will probably split with Boruto after this. This could be their last moments as an Academy student.


The Skynet Co., Ltd.

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The legendary fish they wished to eat, Ikas Mas Abadi, was said to be impossible to find due to the weather of the previous day. But Boruto tried at night to find him for his friends. The problem of the fish is so great that he has trouble catching it.

Sarada and Sumire are trying to help. Nue's strength even makes Boruto's fishing rods not going to break (as long as Nue can keep them). But they alone are not enough.

Then Shikadai helps with the shadow jutsu. Inojin uses Choju Giga to help bring aid as well as find Boruto as soon as possible. Iwabee uses ground jutsu to make sure Naruto will not fall.

In a way, all of Boruto's camping friends help with all their strength. This became the most exciting fishing event in history Boruto .

In the end they can catch the fish and eat it. Although it will be separated from time to time Boruto will not forget tonight.

Yep, overall Boruto episode 34 was indeed felt as filler . But who would have thought there was a post credit interesting scene in this episode? Check out his discussion on the second page!


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