Discussion of Boruto Episode 31: Samehada Versus Hiramekarei


Fortunately Samehada's Shizuma is not fake. Boruto episode 31 can show a duel Samehada versus Hiramekarei!

Discussion Boruto this 31st episode can be regarded as a brief summary of the interesting events that took place this week. Surely this review will contain spoiler so be careful that you do not want to get a leak.

Continue where can you watch? The official service that the author uses is Crunchyroll which allows you to watch Boruto in the same day and time as in Japan.

For those who have watched or did not mind the spoiler consider the discussion below.



So, What is the Message of Suigetsu Contents?

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As expected, the scroll given Suigetsu to Mitsuki could be used to awaken Kagura for his mistake.

Kagura continues to fight against Boruto because he is basically still bound by Shizuma. However Mitsuki came to solve the problem.

Mei Terumi managed to dismantle the conspiracy of a number of Mizu no Kuni figures with Nami no Kuni. Then it was revealed that Shizuma's group had done a lot of dark action to spark a war he had craved. Including murder.

Suddenly, the words of Shizuma's accusations against Chojuro and Mei are no longer meaningful as he himself has done worse acts. This disclosure also made Kagura so shock to be unable to act in most of the episodes. This gave time for Boruto and Mitsuki to fight Shizuma.

So, what exactly is the reason Shizuma wants to wage war? Apparently yes he just wants to wage war. As it has been for a long time, Shizuma is not a visionary. He's just a bloodthirsty thug who feels war is fun, so he tries to trigger it.

But if Shizuma's ability is only this moment, if war happens he might be the first victim to die. He may have come from the Hoshigaki clan, but his level is still far below Kisame.


Good News and Bad News for Shizuma

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<p> Good news for Shizuma. Unconventional author, Samehada was carrying it was genuine. </p>
<p> Mitsuki and Boruto had urged him. But after he took out the last sword of Killer B, he managed to regain control. Mitsubishi's massive <em> chakra </em>in particular, becomes a delicacy for Samehada. </p>
<p> The bad news is that Shizuma is not at all worthy of the weapon. </p>
<p> When Boruto fought Shizuma first, he lost. But maybe if Boruto is given a longer chance, and Shizuma is not helped by five of his friends, Boruto can win the duel. Here Boruto, a new student of the Academy, ultimately defeated Shizuma with his creative <em> jutsu </em>. </p>
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Then there is another problem that has long been predicted by Navers: indeed Samehada will simply obey Shizuma?

In the beginning, Shizuma can indeed control Samehada. But his lack of experience on the use of weapons made him preyed by the sword.

Boruto might be able to defeat Shizuma. But is it possible that Chojuro is needed to conquer Samehada?

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