Discussion of Boruto Episode 27: The Reveal of Kagura History of Karatachi


Boruto episode 27 finally reveals the history of Kagura Karatachi. Whose generation is this young ninja? Here's the answer!

Discussion Boruto this 27th episode clearly contains spoiler, so be careful if you have not witnessed it.

Then where can you see it? Crunchyroll is one of the official options you can take.


The Rescue is Fluent and Fast

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Do you think that Denki's rescue will last long? Maybe it will spend one episode of its own? Then you're wrong.

Hachiya does bring more thugs to accompany him this time. He also uses jutsu fog to block the view of Boruto and his comrades. But he underestimated the ability of Boruto and the Konoha boys. No one is affected jutsu the fog, let alone Mitsuki.

Already so, Hachiya and his colleagues also look like hooligans with lingering designs that live just to be a showcase of the power of the whiz. They are also not helped by Shizuma Hoshigaki. The result of this fight has been clear from the beginning.

Approximately in a third of the episodes alone Denki is back safe without any shortcomings. What is interesting about the fight is the disclosure of Kagura Karatachi.


Who Actually Kagura Karatachi

With a very similar name, you may not be surprised to know that Kagura is a descendant of Yagura the Fourth Mizukage.

Yagura's power as Mizukage is remembered for his tyranny. Sadly enough Yagura is still remembered as it was until the Boruto era. Though there are strong indications that Yagura became like that because of manipulation.

Well, Yagura is also still not a favorite name for some people in the Boruto era. Including Iwabe, whose grandfather was killed by the Fourth Mizukage.

Although very good and looks promising a bright future between Left and Konoha, Kagura apparently keeps the dark side. As he drew his sword, he became a dangerous figure who did not hesitate to shed the blood of his own friends. No wonder he was too afraid to take out his sword. He might even hurt Boruto.

Hachiya stupidly as trying to lure Kagura to drag his sword in Boruto this 27th episode. But that does not happen, because Kagura can overcome Hachiya very easily without the need to remove his sword from the sheath.

Kagura himself then gained confidence, and even had fun, after spending time playing cards with Boruto. Iwabe also delivered words of support, though still impressed cold. This gives Kagura the confidence to face Chojuro and says that he is ready for Hiramekarei's test.

Certainly not only that interesting thing that happened in Boror episode 27. Check it on the second page


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