Discussion of Ashitaro and Alan, Two New Figures Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido Arc


Remake Rurouni Kenshin's latest re-present in the new story of Hokkaido Arc. If in the previous series Nobuhiro Watsuki retells Kenshin's adventures from the beginning of his cultivation journey, then the series takes place six years later.

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Continuing his original ending story in the 28th volume first, Kenshin and Kaoru have been married and have children. Kamiyakasshin's Dojo was again crowded and led by Yahiko as a teaching assistant. They received two new sixteen-year-old students, Ashitaro Hasegawa and Alan Inoue. Both will take an important role in this latest series.

Curious about them? Yuk acquaintance with Ashitaro and Alan.

Ashitaro Hasegawa

Ashitaro is an orphan born in Hasegawa city, Niigata Prefecture. His harsh life on the mountain made him do everything to get food. He has the principle you must eat to live.

Makoto Shishio catches wet Ashitaro infiltrate the base and eat all the food while they are bathing. Instead of fear, Ashitaro actually challenged behind Shishio. Shishio is amazed by his courage and invites him to join his army on condition that he must grow stronger or he will spend his entire life in a terrible place.

After Shishio died and his army disbanded, Ashitaro stayed in the village of the outcast until he was caught by the police for eating without paying. He was imprisoned in Kosuge, Tokyo for five years. Upon his release, Ashitaro meets a girl named Asahi. From it Ashitaro learns that former Shishio's subordinates are hunting him for wanting the treasure he has stolen when the base is destroyed.

Ashitaro is very strong in fighting for children his age. He can defeat Kanbara, a former strong and powerful Shishio subordinate with only the tip of a bitten spear in his mouth. Not only Kanbara, Ashitaro also dared to fight Asahi's boss. He almost pulled a sword to kill him.

Though powerful, grumpy and stubborn, Ashitaro is very innocent. He believes Alan's invitation to start living right in the new Japanese era. Alan was his first friend after getting out of jail. Had the same fate as Ashitaro, making them work together to sell the treasures targeted by the rest of the rebel forces.

The treasure is none other than Makoto Shishio's favorite sword, Mugenjin. Ashitaro is also a loyal friend, he defended Alan when Yutaro accused him of lying. Ashitaro even defends Mugenjin's sword as he believes the sword will help him and Alan to live a new life. When seeing Alan humiliated, Ashitaro is furious and prepares to pull Mugenjin out of its sheath.

Ashitaro is very fond of eating and she can eat anything including leftover food. The rest of the food from Akabeko's litter and onigiri Asahi which had fallen was also almost eaten. Ashitaro is also illiterate and lazy to learn.

Thanks to Kenshin, Ashitaro can escape from the attacks of the rebel forces. Together Alan, the two became pupils of Kamiyakasshin's dojo.

Ashitaro still has not stopped making the act even though it is under supervision Kamiyakasshin. He made a riot with the police in Hokkaido Arc chapter 1. It was there that Kenshin realized that Ashitaro had the potential to become Makoto Shishio's successor.

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