Discussion Boruto Episode 62: Naruto Sacrificing Yourself!

In Boruto episode 61, the situation heats up after Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki come to the chunin test location.

Boruto episode 62 shows how severe the situation was when Otsutsuki's duo, Momoshiki mainly, exerted his full force.

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Sage Mode Mitsuki … who Just Survived



Weleh, weleh. Mitsuki apparently became a victim troll.

As the word synopsis, the urgent situation makes Mitsuki deploy Sage Mode to try to help Boruto. Though doing so could make him expelled from Konoha.

Unfortunately, once he has activated this power, he gets a surprise attack from a figure who deliberately hides up to the last moment.

Hyep, Urashiki Otsutsuki that was not even shown on video preview attacked Mitsuki suddenly and stole his power.

Mitsuki was uprooted. From trying to save Boruto, he was in danger.

Fortunately he was helped by two Kage.



Chojuro and Gaara Against Urashiki!



As a new character, Urashiki also gained a fight that did not exist in movies and manga.

Mitsuki is saved by intervention from Gaara and Chojuro. The problem? Gaara had to use his sand powers to facilitate evacuation at the stadium. Meanwhile, Chojuro did not bring Hiramekarei to Konoha.

Because of that, the battle of both against Urashiki became more difficult than it should have been. Especially since Urashiki is not a fighter either. In addition to having skill steady, he also has a Byakugan who is able to predict all his enemy attacks.

Unfortunately for Urashiki, it seems that even though his enemy is weaker the two Kage remain above the level.

Gaara manages to distract Urashiki, as well as digging up the ground at the location of their battle. The water source below can be utilized by Chojuro to wrap and handle Urashiki.

Even so, Urashiki still managed to escape. Revealed that he was not only have Byakugan, but also Rinnegan that he could use to use the jutsu manipulation of space and time.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 62 can you check on the second page!

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