Discussion Attack on Titan 106: Annie's Fate Revealed!

The discussion Attack on Titan 106 below contains spoiler .




Reality about Zeke Yeager's Tactics



If you are confused about the expression in Attack on Titan 105, then Attack on Titan 106 gives a better explanation. Including the answer to why the Marley ships disappeared in the waters of Paradis Island.

First, a Marley soldier named Yelena betrays his own commander. Yelena then dialogue with Hange Zoe. This is before Eren sneaks into Marley and messes things up.

Yelena himself reveals that Zeke intends to free the Eldies from their situation in the world today. Zeke also offers diplomacy and other assistance.

Given Zeke is a famous Titan Beast, it is no wonder that this tactic had raised questions and doubts from Paradis officials. Zeke's own plan seems to be to use the Colossal Titans hidden on the Paradis wall to secure the fate of the Eldians.

For that, it takes the owner of the Titan Founder's power (currently Eren) and Titan who has the blood of the Eldian nobles. Zeke Yeager has blood from Dina Fritz; something Eren does not have. Because Zeke is cooperative, this cooperation can make Eren get what he wants without making Historia Reiss a Titan.

Yelena himself later utilized to make more Marley ships disappear by using a fake emergency call. The trapped ship was then secured by the Titan Shifter of Paradis.

Interesting too ya.

World Attack on Titan is moving towards a great war. All the characters are older than ever. They are no longer the talented fighters who fresh graduated from the Training Corps.

Even so, one person remains frozen as usual.

The figure is Annie Leonhart, whom Armin talks to. Annie kept wrapped up in the crystal. During timeskip he was not yet able to be removed from his crystal. Female Titan's power is still frozen.

Seeing the incident in Marley, who could free Annie from this crystal huh's own or Annie's wishes jaws from Titan. Given the power of Jaws not counting Eren's stolen success, Annie might still be frozen for some time to come.

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