Discussion Attack on Titan 105: Killing Favorite Character Fans!

Discussion Attack on Titan 105 This will surely contain spoiler . So, for those of you who just watch the animenya or have not read Attack on Titan to chapter it is advisable to stop reading up here. If you do not mind being hit spoiler, please continue reading.


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<p style= Continuing Attack on Titan previously, Eren et al had landed safely in a hot air balloon boarded by Hange, Armin, and others. However, when he arrived in the hot air balloon, Eren was not welcomed, but instead was kicked by Levi and held by the Corps Survey.?

Why Survey Corps. detaining Eren? Apparently this is because Eren acts on her own and does not conform to the plan agreed by Eldian-which will be discussed at a later point.



The Total Victory "New Eldian Empire"?



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<p style= Seeing the battle that occurred in Marley, it is clear that Eldian dominated throughout the war. Many of Marley's soldiers were wounded and even killed, not to mention, some places like the Marley harbor were totally destroyed by Armin in his Colossal Titan form.

On the other hand, members of Survey Corps. chanting "New Eldian Empire" victory. It seems that, ever since Historia served as queen and ruler of Eldia, so much reformation took place that the kingdom of Eldia was imbued with the words " New " which means new.


Although the victim fell from the Eldia side a bit, but it seems that this victory is not exactly the victory of the Eldia kingdom because of the death of an important figure that is very liked by the fans. Who is that character?

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