Discussion Attack on Titan 104: The Emergence of the New Titan Colossal!

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This discussion Attack on Titan 104 contains spoiler, especially for those who only watch anime versions. So if you're anti-leak, it's not advisable to continue reading.

But if you have read, or do not care spoiler please read the discussion below!




New Titan Colossal Beings



Opening Attack on Titan 104 answering fan question Attack on Titan for a long time: did Armin join Colossal Titan because he ate Bertolt? If so, how does it look?

Yep, for eating Bertolt, Armin who was originally made a wild Titan can now become a legendary Titan Shifter that has a form of Colossal Titan.


Armin still has the ability to make the Colossal Titan special. The first is his extraordinary size, the second is the heat and explosive power, which he has shown in the last chapter. In this chapter, Armin witnessed for himself the impact of his power, which also brought the victim from innocent people.

Even so, there is a significant difference between Colossal Titan Armin and Bertolt. Compared to Bertolt's iconic form, the Colossal Titan Armin looks thinner.



Jean Fails to Kill Pieck



Jean gets a golden opportunity to end the life of Pieck, the Titan Cartman. But he failed to do so.

Jean himself wonders what causes it. Does the haze affect his view? Or does he shift his shot?

From the very beginning it was also felt that Jean was a member of the Corps Survey which still has the most humane morality at the moment, while Eren has really become a cold figure who is ready to drop many victims in order to achieve the goal.

The author worries that the nature of this Jean will actually make him a victim, sooner or later.

Pieck then looks badly injured, but his regeneration is slow. He really will not be able to return to combat and help prevent Survey Corps from escaping.

Continued discussion Attack on Titan 104 you can read on the second page!

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