Discussion Attack on Titan 103: Two Titans Fall?!

As usual, the discussion Attack on Titan 103 contains spoiler . Especially for you-all of you who are solid only watching the anime version. So if you're anti-leaked but somehow get into this article, you're in the wrong review.

But if you've read and want to remember certain details, or do not mind leaks, please read the reviews below!



The fate of Reiner Braun

At the end of Attack on Titan 102, almost all Titan Marley came to besiege Survey Corps. The Titan Beast finally came, having been made stray. Cartman Titan came, after first bringing heavy weaponry. Jaws Titan came. But what about the Armored Titan?

As the battle of Survey Corps versus Titan Marley broke out in this episode, Falco found Reiner. Reiner himself used his Titan powers to protect Falco, so the boy survived even though he was at the center of the explosion. But Reiner is now unconscious.

Attack on Titan 103 reveals that a Titan Shifter can always recover as long as they still have the determination to live. Last seen, Reiner just ask to be killed. So no wonder he has not yet awakened himself.

The author still thinks Reiner will become wild card . When he gets up, he will surely help the Survey Corps because of his guilt.


The Resurrection of the Colossal Titan?!

So, clearly Survey Corps outnumbered. They are in enemy territory. Although Eren successfully overcame all officials present at the festival, Marley's troops could easily surround them. There are also ships standing on the harbor, ready to intercept if the Survey Corps wants to return to Paradis Island.


The problem is, Survey Corps is already planning a blur route with mature.

See the guy above? It was Armin version time skip . Armin then transforms into a Titan Colossal and destroys the Marley battleships at the harbor. If Survey Corps wants to run away, the path to doing so now is wide open.

But unfortunately we have not shown how the Colossal Titan Armin form. Displayed on the panel is just an explosion that occurs due to Armin's transformation and action.

Continued discussion Attack on Titan 103 you can read on the second page!

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