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<h4> The director of <em> popular science fiction </em> is like <em> Star Trek </em>and <em> Star Wars </em> J.J. Abrams is ready to work on adaptation <em> live-action </em> <em> Kimi no Na wa </em> </h4>
<p> One of Hollywood's most famous directors J.J. Abrams has directed, written and produced many films <em> blockbusters </em> such as <em> Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Armageddon, Mission: Impossible III, Cloverfield, Star Trek, </em> and, <em> 10 Cloverfield Lane </em>. This time, he wanted to make a live-action </em> adaptation of the super popular anime movie in 2016 ie <em> Kimi no Na wa </em> aka <em> Your Name </em>. </p>
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Paramount Pictures and production house belong to J.J. Abrams Bad Robot managed to get the copyright to adapt live-action Kimi no Na wa on Wednesday. They will cooperate with Toho who is the distributor of the film Kimi no Na wa in Japan and is willing to assist the distribution of live-action of the film.

Abrams and Lindsey Weber from Bad Robot along with Genki Kawamura original producer of the film will produce the live-action [KiminoNawa live-action adaptation . Creator screenplay for the film Arrival Eric Heisserer is ready to write screenplay for this adaptation. Eric had previously earned an Oscar nomination over screenplay which he made for Arrival .

CEO of Toho Yoshishige Shimatani said, "We are excited to collaborate with a very talented team in Hollywood and work with them in the live-action version of the iconic Japanese film Kimi no Na wa ".

"It's like a dream like in the movie," Kawamura said. "Abrams and his team have captivated the audience by recycling the movie world property with great success. Mitsuha and Taki also have a perfect narrator, Heisserer, to tell their love story mixed with science-fiction which gives impetus to the film. "

"The encounters so far have stimulated our creativity with fantastic ideas that will undoubtedly make a great movie. I am very honored to work with this great creator to bring live action Hollywood from Kimi no Na wa to the audience, "Kawamura continued.

Naturally, if many parties want this film to be adapted to live action because Kimi no Na wa has become a sensation in Japan during 2016.

The film that tells of the love story between Mitsuha and Taki who lives in different backgrounds and has the ability to exchange body has managed to reap domestic income of US $ 303 million (approximately Rp4 trillion) and has been sitting on the first position of the ladder box office Japan for 12 weeks.

The film also became the best-selling film in Japan throughout the year 2016 beating other box office movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens Shin Godzilla Zootopia and, Finding Dory . The film, directed by Makoto Shinkai also managed to deliver 10% of revenue from the total profit of Japanese films throughout 2016.

Well whether you are enthusiastically welcome live-action Kimi no Na wa ?

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