Directed by Kemono Friends Fired from Anime Production?

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<p> <em> – Directed by Kemono Friends Fired from Anime Production </em> </p>
<p> The shocking news of anime that is happenings in Japan, namely Kemono Friends. That the director, as well as creator, writer and director of the anime Kemono Friends, was fired from the production of his anime. </p>
<p> The director, Tatsuki provides information through his twitter that he was fired by KADOKAWA and expressed his disappointment. </p>
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– た つ き / irodori (@ irodori7) September 25, 2017

This tweet has been retweeted as much as 280,000 thousand more and a lot of comments about the disappointment towards Kadokawa. Kadokawa himself has not given a description. Even his Impact was a severe snagat.

Firstly, Kadokawa's stock is very plummeted. Secondly, many fans are chatting on twitter and nico channel of Kemono Friends.

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