Directed and Produced House Anime One Punch Man Season 2 Replaced!

 Anime One Punch Man Season 2 "title =" Anime One Punch Man Director – Anime One Punch Man Season 2 Directed!

Another shocking news from the One Punch Man anime that they replace director, Shingo Natsume from Madhouse's production house was replaced by CHikara Sakurai from the J.C production house. Staff Production.

Chikara Sakurai is an animated supervisor of Anime Naruto. For the team itself still the same work, there is no influence on how the story, for seiyuu, and whether it will be delayed back or how the other is still the same and no news whatsoever.

From the anime itself there has been no progress date, but it is certain that OPM will present its second season. Stay tuned!

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 Mimin gogoanimestv

Sad, just found out Naruto fitted the working age 🙁
(Left anime screen, right screen of work)
(Continue to watch until coming home)

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