Did He Lost His Life For Falling From a Ladder?

From the late 90s to 2018, one of the most interesting events in One Piece was the death of Kuina.

Kuina is told as the greatest swordsman at Koshiro's sword school. This girl can not be defeated by Zoro. Yet when Zoro was able to conquer even adults, but in 2000 duel Kuina continues to triumph.

The problem is, Koshiro – Kuina's father – has a very traditional view of gender. This view also seems to affect Kuina, who believes that someday Zoro will surpass her just because Zoro is a male. Especially after Kuina realizes her body is starting to develop.

Whereas … yeah … just look at Big Mom, Boa Hancock, Califa of CP9, and many other female warriors in the world One Piece . Gender is definitely not a barrier of a fighter in the universe One Piece .


Zoro then encourages Kuina and makes a promise that one of them will become the world's strongest swordsman.

Then Kuina died for falling from a ladder.

Indeed, this happened in the early part One Piece . At that time the reader is still afraid Zoro will die just because of being shot by Morgan's men. (This guy survived after receiving all of Luffy's pain in a state of injury, he would not die easily if only shot). Thus, the death of Kuina by falling from the stairs was natural.

But now it is felt that the world One Piece is filled with strong people. Is it true that Kuina died just because it fell from the stairs?

The mystery of Kuina's death is increasingly suspicious because Zoro only hears it after Kuina is dead. Unlike for example the death of Bellemere and Dr. Hiluluk seen by Nami and Chopper.

The author thinks of several possibilities.



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<p> This is an interesting possibility. </p>
<p> Before Kuina fell down the stairs, she was sad to realize her puberty. Indeed Zoro had previously made an appointment with him, but it is possible that the 2001 victory and promise with Zoro was not yet able to release Kuina from his depression. </p>
<p> So … what if Kuina does not fall from the stairs. He did fall from the stairs. The power of determination is the key to the toughness of many characters <i> One Piece </i>including Zoro and Luffy. When Kuina deliberately dropped, the strength of her determination was zero, so the action was really fatal tip. </p>
<p> <strong> Continued discussion of the mystery of Kuina's death can you check on the second page! </strong> </p>
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