Detective Conan Collaborate with Shibuya 109 for Halloween Welcoming


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This time, one of the anime themed detective, ie Detective Conan collaborated with one of the shopping centers in Japan, Shibuya 109.

One of the leading anime works by Aoyama Gosho, Detective Conan collaborated with a shopping mall located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Shibuya 109. The collaboration was performed to amputate a special event which was always held at the end of the month October, that is Halloween.

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The event held from October 7th to 31st October is not only held in Shibuya 109 located in Tokyo alone, but in other branches like Osaka and Kagoshima, Japan. At each Shibuya 109, a special store will be opened only at certain times.

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In this shop, visitors can meet some of Conan's merchandise with the theme Halloween ranging from key chains, cups, pins, to hand towels.If a visitor shopping for 1,500 yen for merchandise Conan will get a random postcard depicting one of five characters Detective Conan .

In addition, visitors can also get a special pin for those who shop more than 3,000 yen or about 366,000 rupiah and only held at certain times, ie on October 20 until October 31, 2017 for the Tokyo and Osaka areas, while for the Kogashima region was held on 7 October to 9 October 2017.

 Detective Conan Shibuya 109 located in Tokyo gives a special merchandise of stickers each special characters randomly obtained by shopping first. </p>
<p> However, Shibuya 109 does not merely promote merchandise. They also provide the story behind this special collaboration by presenting a case to be solved by the visitors. </p>
<p> "This case begins with Ran and his friend Sonoko, and of course Conan goes to Shibuya 109 to see Halloween Jewel just bought from abroad. However, upon arrival there, it turns out the jewelry was stolen first by someone. The allegations were directed to the Kaito Kid. Was Kaito Kid involved in the theft this time? "</p>
<p> This case must be resolved by Conan and his friends, the thief himself leaves the puzzle for them. Visitors can also get a set of tools to solve the case by shopping merchandise for 3000 yen according to a predetermined date. </p>
<p> <sub> Source: <em> </em>edited by Fachrul Razi </sub> </p>
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