DESIGN! Here are 5 Best Land Element Jutsu in Naruto!

Land element jutsu is the most rarely heard part of the world of Boruto during Naruto Uzumaki's adventure era!

The majority of land user elements are indeed confined to the most unpopular villages in the Naruto story Iwagakure. However, this does not mean he is also not a stance element that is not great!

In retrospect, the most dangerous elements of land attack belong to people outside Iwagakure, especially with the hereditary Tsuchikage having a jutsu combination of soil elements with other elements, so there is hardly any outside elemental attack usually dangerous. At least until now.

So, what are the strongest elements of soil jutsu among other moves? Check out the list here!

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<p> Retsudo Tenshou is a land element jutsu that directly affects the ground conditions around its users, you know! </p>
<p> He created not only a huge crack in the ground, but also swallowed his target even on rocky ground! Surely this creates a variety of terrible potentials in the right hands! </p>
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With this prison capable of locking opponents at the level of Madara Uchiha, his prowess is already proven before all of us!

If so, what else are three other powerful moves from this Gaara jutsu? Find the answer on the next page!

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