Defeated Against Jiren, Goku is Hurt!


 dragon ball super episode 111 [edit] 
<figcaption class= After a fierce battle against Jiren, Goku was seriously injured ! Hit went into the fight and against Jiren! Dragon Ball Super episode 111!

Dragon Ball Super this week will be entering a special episode where two episodes are simultaneously aired. In that special episode, Goku will fight furiously against Jiren. Though it has mobilized all its abilities and even awakened a new power, but it seems Goku will lose to Jiren. Interestingly, in Dragon Ball Super episode 111, Hit seems to be interrupting the fight before Goku is eliminated from the tournament.

Odd Blankenship one of the twitter users with pretty reliable information about the anime (especially Dragon Ball Super ) just twit synopsis from Dragon Ball Super episode 111. Synopsis who still speak Korean, but still can be quite trustworthy. Here is a synopsis Dragon Ball Super episode 111:

Dragon Ball Super episode 111: Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs. Jiren!

Release date: October 15, 2017

The mainstay fighter of the Universe 6 Hit vs. the strongest Fighter, Jiren!

After a fairly fierce battle, Jiren's strongest fighter makes Goku hurt so badly! Jiren's attention is now on the strongest assassin, fighter from Universe 6: Hit!

Goku This Week – Can he master the self-propelled technique!

Goku has been injured from foot to head by Jiren's attack! However, shortly before losing, he awakens a power called "Mastery of Self-Movement" in which his body will react on its own! What is this technique?!

As you can read above, Goku seems to be battered by Jiren. And it seems, Hit will enter into their battle so that Jiren also fight against the fighters of the Universe 6. On the other hand, we get a little hint from Goku's new powers who are named "Mastery of Self-Movement" where his body will move on its own. Full discussion of "Mastery of Self-Movement" can you read here

Dragon Ball Super episode 111 will air on October 15, one week after a special episode.

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