Debut Kefla, Fusion of Kale and Caulifla!


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<h4> As promised in the preview, Kale fusion and Caulifla debut on <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 114! How strong are the two of them combined? </h4>
<p> Discussion <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 114 This is certainly inviting <em> spoiler </em>. So if you have not seen the episode and do not want to get a leak, you're actually getting into the wrong article. </p>
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But if you've watched and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind spoiler please read the discussion below!



Kale Successfully Controls the Super Saiyan Legendary

The Super Saiyan Legendary is a form identical to the condition berserk . The power of its users is so amazing, yet their intelligence is like being covered by infinite rage. It happened to Broly first, in a story that is now unfortunately not canon . It also happened to Kale.

But Kale has two things that Broly never had. The first is a better conscience, the two are friends.

In this episode Kale actually had time to squeeze Caulifla's hand. But Caulifla's praise succeeds in awakening Kale. Miraculously, he also managed to control his Super Saiyan Legendary.

Kale's being is not so different from the previous transformations he did before. But in terms of strength felt once he still has all the ability of the Super Saiyan Legendary.

The only problem is simply that he is not sealed by the emotional outburst, he is seen to feel pain. Unlike his berserk form, which can continue to rage because – it seems – adrenaline obstructs the functioning of his brain to preach pain suffered by his body.

Though in terms of toughness he may still lose rather than the Super Saiyan Legendary berserk Kale is better able to stand against Goku than Caulifla. Even after Goku back into Super Saiyan God he was still facing the attack of the mainstay fighters Universe 7 was.

What is interesting is that when Kale mustered his power to become the Super Saiyan Legendary, Jiren's hand moved slightly, signifying that Kale almost succeeded in attracting the Pride Troopers.

This is not surprising, given the former Super Saiyan Kale legendary successfully made Jiren in action.

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