Death Flag Spreads in Manga Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 141, Is Touka Will Die?

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<h4> In <em> chapter </em> latest from <em> Tokyo Ghoul: re </em>there are some <em> Death Flag </em> of famous characters, will Touka be dead? </h4>
<p> <em> Tokyo Ghoul: re </em> <em> the latest chapter </em> shows something quite surprising. There are some famous characters whose death flag or <em> Death Flag </em> is flying. Could anyone have died? </p>
<p> Previously, this article probably contained <em> spoiler </em>. So if you have not read <em> chapter </em> 141 of <em> Tokyo Ghoul: re </em>then you better read it first yes, just go back to this article </p>
<h3 style= SPOILER ALERT !!!

In the latest chapter the CCG forces attacked the Goat organization formed by Kaneki. Goat itself is an organization that aims to unite the Ghoul and human beings to live together.

But unfortunately it is not that easy, they have to force CCG to negotiate, and of course there will be a physical clash between them. In chapter 140, Touka and Hinami are ambushed by Suzuya Squad or forces led by Suzuya Juuzou.

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<p> Here, Touka and Hinami are in a state of urgency, and they inevitably have to fight back. Touka fights the right hand of Suzuya, Hanbee Abara with his Quinque named Silver Skull. </p>
<p> Hinami also uses his Kagune to stop the onslaught of Suzuya's powerful attacks. However, at the end of <em> chapter </em>something deeply regretted. Hinami get a landslide attack. </p>
<p> Hinami seems to be slashed by Suzuya's Quinque, Juuzo Jason. Could the Hinami die? Or maybe he could still be saved? Then what about Touka itself? </p>
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According Touka, he is currently pregnant with child from Kaneki, how would Kaneki react if his wife dies? Could he still want to live side by side with humans if that happens?

Let's wait for the next chapter to come. Hopefully Death Flag this does not really happen and Touka and Hinami can still be saved by other characters.


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