Dating Until Finally Marriage, It's Naruto's Love Story and Friends of his contemporaries!


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<h4 style= Naruto's generation is almost entirely married, however, the couple's love story Naruto is rarely shown, and usually gets married right away. For those of you who do not know, this is the journey of Naruto's love story and his contemporaries.

Naruto and Hinata are married, as well as Sasuke and Sakura, and several other couples who are the same age as Naruto. Although already married, but the love story of Naruto and others rarely appointed, because the original genre of Naruto is an action.

Rarely raised does not mean nothing. Approaches of couples like NaruHina, SasuSaku, SaiIno, and others also remain, do you know what they can end up with as a couple? Check out Naruto's love story and more below!


Naruto and Hinata

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<p style= Of all that is on this list, the love story of Naruto and Hinata is the most frequently appointed, because it is the love story of the main character. Currently, both have been blessed with two children, Boruto and Himawari.

Both had known each other since childhood, and Hinata had already fallen in love with this young man. But basically still stupid, Naruto never realized that Hinata always pay attention to it.

Hinata herself had ventured to express her feelings during Pain's attack, and risked her life to help Naruto. Here, Naruto still has not really understood the meaning of Hinata.

They got closer when the Fourth World War broke out, especially after Neji's death. Hinata can finally stand together with Naruto at the forefront, even for the first time Hinata can hold Naruto's hand.

Finally, the love story of Naruto and Hinata blooms in the movie Naruto: The Last . Who is this fan of NaruHina (other than the author) who is not excited when watching this movie? Naruto is getting older and beginning to understand what love is.

But conflict and drama always exist. When Naruto begins to avenge the feelings of Hinata's love, Hinata is forced to reject her for the purpose of saving Hanabi from Toneri's hand.

The end of the film, both of them can be reunited, and officially they are dating. After the film The Last . Naruto and Hinata include couples who regularly perform dating. For example when there is a short manga about Naruto who is confused to treat Hinata in expensive restaurants, even though he does not have the money.

Next is in a short manga that tells about Akamaru. This dog sees the couples of the Naruto army who are dating, and one of them is Naruto and Hinata.

After finding the right time, finally Naruto and Hinata married and built a family.

On the front page, there is a love story Naruto about characters and other couples! curious about the story of Sai and Ino? Check out the next page!

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