DARLING in the FRANXX Show Unfamiliar Robot Design


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<h4> The design of robots at <em> DARLING in the FRANXX </em> posted via their official twitter account seems to remind people of other robots. </h4>
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Through cuitan on their official account, the teams behind this anime leaked the look of the robots in DARLING in the FRANXX . But it turns out, the response that emerged from netizen even said that the design used by this robot is very similar to other robots that once had their own animenya.

An account with the name @oboromusic sends Japanese cuitan which, when translated roughly reads: "It seems strange, very similar to his Tauburn Star Driver."

@oboromusic is not the only person who sees robotic designs in DARLING in the FRANXX very similar to Tauburn's anime Star Driver . The Twitter user with the @ biguro0079 account sends a meaningful cuitan: "This is the new Tauburn?"

And they are both not the only ones who see the similarities of robots in DARLING in the FRANXX . The author is very understanding why many think the robot is Tauburn: notice the head. The cap worn by Franxx is similar to the hat worn by Tauburn. Not to mention, both have enough bodies slim when compared to other robots.

But yes the equation given by robots in DARLING in the FRANXX stops there. The shape of the hand displayed by Franxx is much more bulky than that of Tauburn, as well as the designs of his legs that do not seem to be as thin as the legs of Tauburn.

The emergence of a robot design in DARLING in the FRANXX turned out was to make a promotional video. In the video, we are told that Franxx is an "iron maiden" -a robot capable of being controlled by a pilot in it.

DARLING in the FRANXX is one of three anime titles reported by TRIGGER at the Anime Expo in July. The title of this one is enough to attract the attention of many people, because this is a joint project between A-1 and TRIGGER. Two titles also announced at the event were the anime adaptation of tokusatsu Gridman and the original project entitled PROMARE .

So far, there has been no news about when this anime will air. So if you're wondering if the robot in DARLING in the FRANXX has a relationship with Tauburn or just a coincidence, maybe you still have to wait long enough.

Source: ANN, edited by Fachrul Razi


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