Dangerous?! These 4 Parties Can Attack the One Piece Reverie Council

Reverie Council is a four-yearly meeting in the world One Piece attended by the rulers of the countries of the world. Many of the characters will be there, and some of them are familiar with OPLovers. Call it Vivi and his father, Riku Dold III, Wapol, and Dalton. Germa 66 has already received an invitation and could be present if they survived the Whole Cake Island.

But most likely Reverie Council this time not only filled a bunch of rulers chatting only. The Reverie Council is planned to be its own plot, possibly even beginning before Wano.

So who's going to make a mess at this show? This is a possibility!



Monkey D. Dragon and Revolutionary Forces



Before Baltigo was attacked by Blackbeard, Dragon had summoned all his men in preparation for something great. The moment of this movement really feels in accordance with the start of Reverie.


There is also a theory that Baltigo was deliberately left behind by Dragon, and Dragon instead utilized Blackbeard for the pirates to destroy the island, so that now Revolutionary forces are not counted for existence by the Navy nor the World Government.

Basically, members of the Revolutionary Forces are indeed filled by people with good tendencies like Ivankov, Sabo, and Koalas. But do not forget that they are eyeing to overthrow the World Government. The Reverie Council could be an easy opportunity for them to start actions that can change the world.

This is actually a very interesting possibility to reckon with.

Still remember what Kaido motivation builds the SMILE forces? He wanted to make a great war in the world One Piece . It could be that Kaido will start a declaration of war by invading the Reverie Council. After that, the war will be enormous, because Kaido will be considered making trouble with all the countries present.

Yes, that's a crazy thing that the Revolutionary Army usually does, not the pirates. But Kaido and his men are not sane. Remember, Jack just dared to attack the ship guarded by Sengoku, Tsuru, and Fujitora.

If Kaido invades Reverie, you'll see a unique situation where the Navy really has to deal with a nasty pirate. Because the main character One Piece is Luffy, it is usually the protector of this oceans just have to face the Straw Hats that actually never never plow.

If Kaido invaded Reverie, the result could also be much more bloody. Dragon may be ambitious, but he and his men are not people without heart. Dragon might also just hold hostage to kings and queens instead of killing haphazardly.

Kaido? His men used toxic gas to cripple the Mink tribe. He will surely invade Reverie with all the weapons he has.

Another party who can attack the Reverie Council One Piece can you check on the second page!

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