Dangerous! Changes in the shape of Carrot Can Kill it?!


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<h4 class= Carrot craze in One Piece 889! But it turns out the form of the lion Mother belonging to the Mink tribe has a risk if used excessively. Is that? Consider the discussion below!

But as always, the discussion One Piece 889 clearly contains spoiler . If you're anti-leak and are actually still looking for the chapter, you go into the wrong article.

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If you have read or do not mind the spoiler please continue reading the review below!



Leo's Leo from the Tontatta Tribe Can Be Highlight!

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<p align= Ideo's adventure ended with him, Blue Gilly, Jeet, and Abdullah finally officially proclaiming themselves as pirates. They were no longer a group of martial arts experts who just happened to join the Great Straw Hats, but also professions with their chief leaders.

Now it's the turn of the fifth-division leader, Leo, who gets the spotlight. Apparently Leo also proclaimed himself as a pirate in the cover story One Piece 889 this. Although … yes … Viola and Rebecca are behind her even more amused by this proclamation than worry.

We'll see in the next chapter what will be the first adventure of this Tontatta pirate group.


Side Effects of the Moon Lion

Carrots really become amazingly powerful in One Piece 889 this. Indeed, he was alone against Daifuku and his fleet. Yet he was so agile that he stayed with the jinn from Daifuku to help him.

While the main ship of the Daifuku fleet lost its navigational ability, as his control was removed, the Daifuku genie exacerbated the problem by destroying other ships in the fleet.

So, Carrot can help clean up the fleet that Smoothie and Perospero have taken too? Apparently not.

Jinbe gives an explanation of the lion Moon, or Sulong, Suron, Ceylon, or whatever translation version of the translation you read. To activate this effect, the Mink tribe must see a full moon that shines perfectly, without blocking the cloud.


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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Initially this transformation would be as Oozaru's Goku from Dragon Ball . Si Mink will lose his mind and attack all, both friends and opponents. Fortunately Carrot did not have the problem.

But there are other things that matter to Carrot: the longer he is in the form of the Moon Lion, his energy is getting drained. If left, he will die.

Carrot can control himself. Even so, he must continue to move because his enemies a lot.

Fortunately before Carrot's dead, Brook has come to help. Brook successfully lulled the remaining fleets, then took Carrot out of trouble. Carrot also reveals how to stop the form of the lion moon: he only remains unnecessary to see the moon.

Another interesting thing from One Piece 889 can you check on the second page!


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