Curious? This is the Meaning of Jogress in the Real Digimon


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<h4 style= You who like serial Digimon must be familiar with Jogress terms. What is the real meaning of Jogress?

In the serial Digimon the term Jogress has become commonplace and often raised in anime and games, especially in the second serial Digimon ie Digimon Adventure 02 .

In this series, Jogress first introduced, the merging of ExVeedramon with Stingmon, who became Paildramon and Dinobeemon who could become Imperialdramon.

Actually, Jogress was first mentioned in the movie Digimon Adventure: Our War Game . Here, there is an amalgamation of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon into Omnimon, and in the 19459005 version of English dubbing they are said to have entered the Jogres level.

After that, the words and Jogres terms are used in the serial Digimon Adventure 02 . Actually, what is the real meaning of Jogress? Jogress, is a merging of two words, namely Join and Progress .

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<p style= There are several meanings, but we use the most plausible, that is Growing Together. The intent of developing together from Jogress is very clear yes, and the most visible in Digimon Adventure 02 .

In addition to Stingmon and ExVeedramon, there are two pairs of other Digimon that can perform Jogress Evolution, namely Aquilamon and Gatomon into Silphymon, as well as Angemon and Ankylomon being Shakkoumon.

If you notice, they share the evolutionary path, instead of having their own evolutionary path like the Digimon-Digimon in the first series (though these Digimon also have their own evolutionary path outside Jogress). From here the term Jogress or Berkembang Bersama was introduced.

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<p style= Another term from Jogress is DNA Evolution, a condition in which two DNA Digimon are merged into one, and creates a new Digimon. Initially, every Digimon does have to enter certain phases, such as Wormmon being the Champion level, Stingmon. But since the film Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diaboromon a well known new term is Warp DNA Evolution.

In the Warp DNA Evolution phase, the two Digimon need not change to a certain level to perform Jogress, as for example when Agumon and Gabumon directly merge into Omnimon, without going through the Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon phases.

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<p style= In the anime series Digimon Xross Wars 2 when the fifth hero of the world (or series) previously gathered, Veemon can do Jogress directly with Stingmon without evolving to Champion stage to ExVeemon. But since this is not canon then let's just assume that Omnimon can.

In the form of Jogress, the consciousness of each Digimon persists. Usually, they can make their own voices, but more often they speak together so that the voice sounds double.

Distinguish between Jogress and DigiFusion in serial Digimon Xross Wars and Ancient Spirit Evolution in Digimon Frontier, yes. The two did indeed merge but not the incorporation of DNA as in the case of Jogress.

That's what Jogress really means. What do you think, do you like to see Digimon join in Jogress form? Write your opinion in the comment field yes.


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