Crowded, Cool, Yet Stay Fully with Entertainment

As in previous years, the Comic Frontier or Comifuro annual event is definitely awaited by fans of local works. This event does provide a place for independent creators or indie to peddle their works such as comics, posters, light novels t-shirts, and so on.

Although dominated by Japanese culture pop culture such as fan works based on anime, manga, or the like from the country of Sakura, but works based on western culture such as comic series or famous movies also exist.

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<p> If discussing Comifuro, of course the drama and events in Comifuro 9 event held last year is still remembered by the visitors. Last year, it was filled with drama, one of which is a very hot room plus a crowd of visitors who add to the stuffy <em> indoor room </em> Balai Kartini Jakarta at that time. </p>
<p> What about Comifuro X that was held in 2018 this? This year, the room is very cool, and the air conditioner feels very good. The author himself does not feel disturbed by the temperature of the room, and can freely circle the whole room. </p>
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<p> Additionally, this year's Comifuro X event is also full of entertainment, especially on Main Stage. There is a Creative Talkshow with famous <em> publisher </em> comics, such as Ciayo Comics, Re: ON Comics, and Comico. For entertaining, there was the appearance of the IXRE Band, Nanairo Symphony, OtaGroove DJ, until <em> special performance </em> from Nia and Angelyn. </p>
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