Crazy, It's 6 Due To The Director's Dismissal Kemono Friends


A few hours after the information of the director's dismissal from Kemono Friends happened six extraordinary occurrences of this appeared

The world anime is again plagued by a very tumultuous ganjing lately. On September 25, 2017 at 18:00, the director of the 19659006 anime series Kemono Friends named Tatsuki took out a tweet that he was no longer in the anime Kemono Friends project .

In his tweet said that it was seen at the notice of the publishing and production company Kadokawa holding the license of the Kemono Friends franchise . He also apologized to fans for this sudden news and himself was also very disappointed about this.

Suddenly the lover anime instantly rattled and excited when tweet appeared on the official account of director Kemono Friends recall anime it became anime most popular throughout the year 2017 and successfully defeated Shingeki no Kyojin in number stream first episode on site streaming video Nico Nico Douga to total 4.79 million views. Tweet from Tatsuki this instantly gets 200 thousand retweet in just 12 hours only.

Kemono Friends also managed to become a sensation on Twitter and succeeded in becoming the most popular anime series with 19459005 mention 1.26 million times and adrift very far from Gintama in second position with 314 thousand mention as of April 2017.

With the popularity of the anime fans on Twitter instantly reigned and could have caused chaos and still continues to this day due to the release of Tatsuki as the director of the adapted anime from mobile game which failed when first released. In just 24 hours, Tatsuki's departure from Kemono Friends raises six things to be described below.


Said Tatsuki Kantoku (た つ き 監督, Director Tatsuki) and Kadokawa Became a Trending Topic Worldwide on Twitter

Since Kemono Friends became the most popular serial on Twitter then Tatsuki Kantoku's word means Direct Director Tatsuki instantly became trending topic at 18:00 – 24:00. This trending topic is not only in the regions of Japan alone but worldwide or worldwide with the remarkable number tweet

The word "tatsuki kantoku" in- tweet as much as 820 thousand tweet in a short time. The licensee of Kemono Friends Kadokawa also became trending topic with a total of 464 thousand tweet . The number is very fantastic and proves that this series has a strong fanbase on Twitter.

Keyword this and defeated other keywords with a landslide like "#MondayMotivation" which only get 160 thousand tweet and "#FelizLunes" which means Happy Monday in Spanish 39.6 thousand tweet .


Some premium Nico Nico customers cancel their subscription

The news of Tatsuki's dismissal certainly makes all the commotion as well as on the streaming video Nico Nico Douga's meritorious site Kemono Friends . The furore of this news has also been signed on the news site made Nico Nico Douga named Nico Nico News and had become the topmost topic and immediately appeared on the front page.

Lots of news about Kemono Friends on Nico Nico News website when this news was released
News Kemono Friends is gone from Nico Nico News website

But as the news of this dismissal propagates so rapidly as a great fire and gets many negative comments condemning Kadokawa's decision, news of Tatsuki's dismissal was immediately removed on the site and missing from trending topic and first page. The reason is quite clear, Kadokawa which is the parent company of Nico Nico Douga himself did not want his name getting tarnished and did not want his image getting damaged over this news.

Action protests committed by Nico Nico Douga Premium customers due to disillusion with Kadokawa's stance

Because of this some customers premium from Nico Nico Douga do a boycott as a form of protest against Kadokawa for the abolition of the news. They were disillusioned with Kadokawa's steps over this dismissal and did not continue to subscribe to premium service from Nico Nico Douga.


The Murder Threat of Fans

Certainly with the dismissal of Tatsuki many parties are very disappointed with this and they feel hurt by the Kadokawa. Many of the negative comments that went in and attacked Kadokawa from beginning to criticize this statement, questioning Kadokawa's decision, until threatening to kill Kadokawa's side over this decision.

In the above picture many sentences are tone for killing such as "Kill Kadokawa" and "You are friends (the name for living creatures in this series) that kills Kadokawa".

This murderous threat was the greatest in the world anime after Hideaki Anno received threats from his fans in 1996 for making the last two episodes Neon Genesis Evangelion with a narrative that puzzled the fans. Fortunately, Anno gave true ending from Neon Genesis Evangelion through the 19459006 film [TheEndofEvangelion in 1997 with a positive response from the audience and his fans.

Graffiti of the people who want to threaten to kill Anno in the studio Gainax

There are still three surprising events resulting from the director's dismissal from Kemono Friends this. Click on the next page to find out what happened.


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