Could Mitsuki Is Otsutsuki Made by Orochimaru?

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Could Mitsuki is Otsutsuki made by Orochimaru? This time, let's discuss speculation about it, what makes this possible?

Already watching anime Boruto episode 51? Maybe you also know that Boruto and his team are inadvertently and magically confronted with the strange Zetsu White troop and merge into one like a monster.

Then, did you also see until preview the next episode? Here is interesting, and related to speculation Mitsuki is Otsutsuki artificial. Previously it was widely argued that Mitsuki may have a relationship with Otsutsuki, especially Toneri, because their performances are considered similar, but there is still no evidence.

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<p> Back to the discussion, in <em> preview </em>we see Mitsuki showing strange gestures. Konohamaru and his team meet with a skin that looks like a Tailed Ten shell, or a Gedo Mazo statue that turns into a flower tree containing Chakra. </p>
<p> At that time, Mitsuki was at the front when he saw the object, and showed a suspicious expression, as if he was remembering something, or thinking about something. </p>
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If Mitsuki is an artificial Otsutsuki, the author is not surprised by the reason why Mitsuki is so strong, and even has been able to enter Sennin snake mode when he was young. What do you think? Have other speculations? Write your opinion in the comment field and share it with your friends, yes.

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