Could it be that Sabo Will Be King of Goa Kingdom on Dawn Island?

Have you ever wondered whether Sabo will become king of the kingdom of Goa and replace Stelly? If so, let's discuss his theory!

Sabo and his adoptive sister, Stelly has recently appeared and is busy discussed. They appear in Reverie's storyline, as Stelly becomes king of the kingdom of Goa, and attends the royal encounter.

Sabo with ciamik disguised as one of the guards who helped protect the royal members in the meeting. So smooth, even the Mariejois and the Navy who were there also did not seem to suspect it.

Okay, let's just start the theory if Sabo will become king of Goa later!

Making a king like Stelly lead a kingdom, must be very "extraordinary" strange. Sabo may no longer care about his birthplace, but as a member of the Revolutionaries, Sabo must have a moral compass not to let Stelly lead a kingdom.

Could Stelly have been a pawn for Sabo for so long? Very likely, and many fans believe it.

It could be that Stelly was made king because it was part of the plan Sabo had made.

The possibility, too, was that Sabo had only recently lived, remembering Sabo's memory and not remembering about his past until Ace's death (of course he immediately remembered everything, including about his annoying foster brother).




The Plan of the Revolutionaries



The revolutionaries plan to change the world by destroying the World Government and also the arbitrary Celestial Dragon.

Outside there are also many greedy and arbitrary kingdoms, which are also influences from Celestial Dragon.

Discusses one such kingdom, is the kingdom of Goa led by Stelly. Stelly is not a good king, and his nature since childhood has never changed.

After conquering the Celestial Dragon and changing the world order, the Revolutionaries will not take credit from their merit, as when they liberate some countries and let its inhabitants make decisions.

Chances are, the Revolutionary forces will give the king a decision, but the greedy king will be changed, including Sabo who will ascend in place of Stelly if it is needed.

Next is the theory that explains that Stelly is also part of the Revolutionary plan! Check out the next page for Sabo's theory will be the next king of Goa!

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