Cool and Strong! Here's the 6th Strongest Magical Armor in Animanga!

Armor Magis … This one equipment is often used as a body armor, but some of these armor just bless the extraordinary power of each user. Not only does it increase power and speed, these armors also confer special abilities feared by the enemies of their owners.

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The power of this magical armor also varies. There is an increase in physical strength to the maximum. There are also those who give terrible abilities capable of defeating the gods. Here are some of the strongest magical armor:


Incursio (Akame Ga Kill)

Incursio is a type of armor Teigu that takes the form of a short sword with a chain on its handle. When activated, the user will find Incursio transformed into an armor that protects his body and a large spear gun.

Incursio itself is made from Super Danger Beast Beef, Tyrant. This armor also meruapkan prototype of the Grand Chariot, Teigu used Wave. What makes Incursio different from Grand Chariot is that it can make the wearer transparent so that the enemy is difficult to detect.

But what makes Incursio dangerous is the power of Tyrant who dwells in it. Dubbed the Devil's Dragon Armor, Incursio gives Tatsumi a tremendous power and agility.

Even after evolving, Tatsumi was able to adapt to any environmental conditions. He is also known to be the only character capable of freedom of movement in the space of time stalled by Esdeath's Mahapadma.


Grand Chariot (Akame Ga Kill )

Similar but not the same, Grand Chariot can be spelled out as an advanced version of Incursio. Its own form is a sword cutlass short black complete with safety. When activated, its form turns into a black armor with a slightly more modern design from Incursio.

The strength of the armor itself is also great. Wave was able to cut off Lubbock's Cross Tail yarn and retain Murasame's killing from Akame. Grand Charitot is also known to be able to survive the attack of laser Pumpkin. Other than that. Grand Chariot can be combined with another Teigu like Mastema.

Unfortunately, Grand Chariot does not have the special abilities that Incursio has. In addition, this armor has the weakest point on the knee like the armor in general.

What magical armor can you cut through dimensional space and defeat the gods? Curious, right? Click next page!

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