Confrontation of the King Wizard and the Mysterious Person?

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Black Clover episode 26 shows Asta being kidnapped by Eye of the Midnight Sun, but she gets help from an unexpected figure: Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King.

Although Julius was able to paralyze all members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun (including Rades, Valtos, and Sally) without the need to sweat, a mysterious figure suddenly appeared. Apparently he is the leader of the sect who intends to overthrow that power. Would Julius and the mysterious figure be fighting?

Title Black Clover episode 27 alone is the Light. When the mysterious figure appears, his body emits bright light. So it seems that he will indeed be highlighted in the episode next week.

Black Clover preview episode 27 shows no such confrontation, so even if they fight it seems the battle of magic will only last for a while.

Black Clover preview This 27th episode also shows Julius and Asta are in an empty battleground. So the mysterious figure seems to have time to carry away between all or most of his subordinates before disappearing.


The good news, apparently Asta is completely safe thanks to Julius's help. The next episode video shows Julius and Asta are back in town. After seeing the wizard King's show, Asta should also be more motivated to overstep his boundaries so he can achieve that title someday.

Additionally, it seems that preview also shows Leopold and Fuegoleon. Will Fuegoleon reveal the identity of his attacker? Is the mysterious figure who appeared before Julius the offender? Then why did Fuegoleon look so surprised when he saw it?

Let's look forward to the answer together. Or if you can read the manga version you probably already know the cause of it.

That's the discussion preview of Black Clover episode 27. What do you think? Will the episode next week end the barrage of excitement from the situation against the Eye of the Midnight Sun? Convey in the comment field!

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