Coming to Kirigakure, Suigetsu Wants to Steal Samehada?


Boruto episode 28 shows Suigetsu lurking in Kirigakure. Does this one guy intend to steal Samehada? Or even Hiramekarei?

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If you watch Boruto episode 28, you will find a surprise. Suigetsu suddenly shows up and comments on Shizuma. For now, it is unknown why he came all the way to Kirigakure without his gang.

But then Shizuma takes the sword from the Seven Experts of the Fog Sword, and Suigetsu's motivation becomes clearer.

Yep, there are many familiar swords in this box. Includes Kubikiribocho, which is the sword of Zabuza Momochi and Samehada (seen from the shape and wrapper). There is also Hiramekarei, who has been grasped by Kagura Karatachi.

Navers senior may still remember how much Suigetsu hooked up with Samehada. He failed to get this sword first. But now, the opportunity for him to steal and seize Samehada. Especially since it should have frowned Samehada from Shizuma Hoshigaki would not be as difficult as taking it from Killer B or Kisame, the two previous holders.

Yep, from preview Boruto 29 is already confirmed Shizuma will be holding Samehada. Or a sword similar to Samehada.

If the sword is true Samehada, and not Samehada II or the like, the author is actually curious how the sword goes back to Kirigakure. Last seen, the sword was used by Killer B. But when B appeared, he did not bring Samehada. Did he return the iconic sword to Kirigakure?

Suigetsu's desire to steal Samehada is already visible from Shippuden first. But it was not the sword that had the potential to steal his attention. He also seems to be interested in Hiramekarei. Mainly because, according to games and other media, Hiramekarei was used also by Mangetsu Hozuki, Suigetsu's own brother.

Even Suigetsu may not only want Hiramekarei and Samehada. Given his nature, there is the possibility that he moves himself all the way to Kirigakure alone to steal all the swords that are now used by Shizuma and his companions.

The problem is just how he can bring all the swords back into hiding if he is alone?

What do you think? Did Suigetsu want to steal Samehada, until he was far away to Kirigakure? Or did he have other motivations? Convey in the comment field!


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