Come on! These 6 Wicked Kings of a Fictional World that Endanger Their Peoples

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The power of a king usually lasts only after they decide to abdicate or die. If the ruler is benevolent, this long power is obviously very beneficial to the inhabitants.

But if the king is evil, wow it can mean suffering one or two generations for the people. Not to mention that the next king was troubled!

To make it interesting, usually a story has an evil king figure that gives extra challenge to the heroes. Here is an example of the six evil kings of a fictional world that endanger their citizens!

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<p> <em> One Piece </em> has a number of examples of evil kings. Wapol, for example. There is also an incredible Tenryuubito <em> ngaco </em>. But one of the best examples for this list is Doflamingo! Agreed? </p>
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Doflamingo may be able to make Dressrosa a country that from the outside looks prosperous and festive. When in fact he seized the throne by trapping and slandering king Riku Dold III.

Not only that, Doflamingo did not hesitate to harness the power of Sugar to turn certain people into dolls.

The evil power really helps to extend the power of this one man!

Erik Killmonger claimed Wakanda's throne with a determination that might sound good. (Want to use Wakanda technology to inflame the revolution, help the oppressed blacks).

However, the workings of this one man since the ascension of the throne show that he is basically just a man with a vengeful resentment who wishes to vent his anger throughout the world!

This is seen from what happened when Killmonger was awarded the power of Black Panther. Instead he asked Heart-Shaped Herb to burn, as if afraid that someday the power would be used by others to subvert it!

His desire to create unrest throughout the world also could ultimately potentially cause Wakanda to be attacked.

Fortunately, the positive side of Killmonger's passion is ultimately able to inspire T'Challa to take a better path in governing.

First of all, let me affirm one thing: even a good-hearted king must commit evil to survive in the world Game of Thrones .

This is because many parties, including from his own family, will try to seize his throne.

Hence throughout this series we can see a figure like Tywin Lannister, who although cold and uncompromising is still considered a great leader!

Then comes deh this one figure. Joffrey is an evil king who commits a heinous act simply because he wants it, not to intimidate a political opponent, not to achieve a greater purpose. His actions precisely kept his family in serious trouble.

Had Joffrey not been supported by a ranks of competent nobles, he might have died much sooner than he should have.

Can be spelled out, if in game terms, Joffrey often just upset her hero. If only part of her hero is not tied to loyalty with her family, maybe they have also tried to take her life

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Remember, be a good army leader, do not imitate the characters on this list. You can prove it directly download game Lords Mobile!

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Check out the three evil king names of other fictional worlds on the second page!

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