Collection of Unique Naruto Fan Theory, Lee's Rock Period That Defeats Momoshiki?

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As a fan of any series, surely they like to make something related to their favorite anime or manga, ranging from fan art fanfic or the story that he reefs alone, even to the theories of fans, one of which is the fan theory Naruto which we will discuss in this article.

Naturally as a fan, it is perfectly natural if they make something like we mentioned in the paragraph above, including anime and manga fans Naruto that made Naruto fan theory .

However, there are some fan theories Naruto which actually looks unique, odd, and also some very unreasonable, but some are acceptable. Before discussing the theory, of course you like anime and manga Naruto right? So try game Shinobi Legend and create your own Ninja team!

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Okay, back to the discussion, what are the unique Naruto fan theories? Check out the following list of options My World Network!



Rock Lee Beat Momoshiki



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<p> Naruto <em> This fan theory </em> is according to the author himself reasoned, and is actually one of the right choices that should appear in the movie <em> Boruto: Naruto The Movie </em> and in his manga (may be shown in the animenya later) . </p>
<p> Rock Lee beat Momoshiki? It could be, unfortunately, Rock Lee belongs to the underrated </em> character category that is often underestimated in the course of anime and manga stories <em> Naruto </em>. </p>
<p> According to fan theory <em> Naruto </em> this time, he says that Momoshiki and Kinshiki are easily defeated because previously been beaten by Rock Lee, but unfortunately not. </p>
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While being a Chuunin exam juror dna harassed by Momoshiki and Kinshiki, Rock Lee did not intervene when Momoshiki attacked.

According to the authors themselves, Rock Lee and Sakura are perfectly suited to attack Momoshiki, given that Otsutsuki members have "immunity" from Jutsu attacks using Chakra, and can only be defeated by Taijutsu experts.

The fan theory Naruto this makes sense to the author, do you think?

Eits, there are still some fan theories Naruto next! Continue to the next page for other theories.

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