CLEAR! It's The Evolution of Poster Bounty Luffy in One Piece!

Eichiro Oda again surprised us. With the success of Luffy taking home Sanji, while escaping from the center of Big Mom's power, the value bounty Luffy again increased rapidly. Not a gig, because the value bounty Luffy tripled from 500 million Belly to 1.5 billion Belly! Luffy bounty poster also got update value in chapter 903 ago.

This means the poster bounty Luffy has changed six times, from his first bounty to 30 million Belly, up to now worth 1.5 billion Belly. Surely the development of Luffy's bounty appeals to fans especially who have followed him since 1997.

What is the evolution of Luffy's bounty poster? Let's see here!

At the end of Arlong Park Arc, after Luffy defeats Arlong, Luffy beats the nefarious Marine Nezumi captain to force him to return Nami's possessions. Nezumi, who wants to take revenge on Luffy, personally reported this young pirate.

However, it is not only Nezumi's report that makes Luffy get bounty 30 million Belly. Brannew then verifies and realizes that Luffy has defeated some of the big names in East Blue. That is why his bounty extends beyond Arlong.

Note: Poster Luffy poses not scary, full of smiles. Usopp was also spotted on this poster even though he turned his back on the camera.

Luffy defeats a Shichibukai, namely Crocodile. The pirate who supposedly works with the Marine is a prestigious position. With Luffy defeating him, at least he shook one of the three great powers of the Ocean, between Shichibukai, Marine, and Yonkou.

The defeat of Crocodile caused him to be removed from the Shichibukai, and Luffy's bounty rose to 100 million Belly or more than three times the previous value.

Uniquely, the Navy actually hides the main reason Luffy gets this number. The defeat of Crocodile was officially caused by Smoker and the Navy, so that the Navy and the World Government did not lose face.

But by defeating Crocodile, Luffy was officially considered a threat.

The evolution of Luffy's poster can you read on the second page!

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