Classical, Gundam SEED So Gundam Character Design of the Most Sought

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In addition to its sophisticated and distinct robotics of most robotic series, the character designs that exist in each series Gundam have always been the main attraction of the people watching the series Gundam . The character design Gundam from serial to other series is distinctive and always remembered by his fans, but the most remembered by lovers Gundam may be the character design of Gundam SEED .

The cause of the foregoing statement is the result of a poll conducted by Goo asking netizen Japan about the design of the serial character Gundam which is most favored.

After carrying out a poll for 29 January to 12 February 2018 with 3352 respondents voting out the character design Gundam SEED was the most favored of all time with a significant vote gain and far superior to 942 sound.

Who can deny that indeed Gundam SEED is always an imprint on the hearts of his lover especially for you lovers of anime living in the mid 2000s who can still enjoy Gundam SEED on national TV every week before being overrun with an unclear event attack.


Then where is the position Gundam 00 which incidentally has a lot of beautiful handsome characters that successfully captivate the female audience in his time? The series comes in second with 324 votes. It turns out the power and handsome aura of Celestial Being members can not match Kira Yamato, Shinn Asuka, and Athran.

Here are the 20 most popular Gundam character designs of all time versions of the Japanese Goo:

  1. Gundam SEED (942 votes)
  2. Gundam 00 (324 votes)

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam (316 votes)
  2. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (247 votes)
  3. Gundam Wing (198 votes)

  1. Gundam Zeta (174 votes)
  2. Gundam Victory (160 votes)
  3. Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (153 votes)
  4. Gundam Unicorn (125 votes)
  5. Gundam X (97 votes)

  1. Gundam ZZ (75 votes)
  2. Turn A Gundam (64 votes)
  3. G-Gundam (60 votes)
  4. Gundam Build Fighters (56 votes)

  1. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (55 votes)
  2. Gundam: 08 th MS Team (55 votes)

  1. Gundam The Origin (47 votes)
  2. Gundam AGE (33 votes)
  3. Gundam F91 (33 votes)
  4. Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket (32 votes)

Edited by Fachrul Razi

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