Civil War ?! This 5 Moment of Straw Hat Members Against Luffy!


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<h4 class= Not forever the relationship of the Straw Hats runs smoothly. Here are five moments in which the Straw Hats fight against Luffy, both words and physical!

The Straw Hats group is united with the power of the nakama. The members of this group also put their own respect on Luffy, and will defend their captain if the situation is desirable. Some even willingly exchanged their lives with Luffy, as Zoro and Sanji showed when meeting Kuma first.

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But, as in the real world, the power of friendship will not last forever. There are moments where the best friends are each other muted each other. Similarly with this pirate group. There was a time when the Straw Hat members fought Luffy. Some do it with "traitors," some are fighting with their own captains.

What are moments like that? Let's see!


Luffy Against Zoro at Whiskey Peak

Unlike other examples on this list, this conflict occurs purely because of Luffy's fault. Zoro has helped clean up the Baroque Works agents who want to tackle the Straw Hat group. But Luffy, unaware of it, thinks Zoro is attacking city dwellers for no reason. Both were fighting excitedly.

Fortunately, a balanced fight between the fighting techniques of Gomu Gomu no Mi and the sword of Santoryu is over without leaving heartache and serious injuries. Nami managed to stop the fight and explain the situation, after beating Zoro and Luffy at once.

Zoro himself is the most loyal member of the Straw Hats. Sometimes he had to reprimand Luffy, as when Luffy wanted to easily accept Usopp coming out of the group. But he will really struggle to make sure his captain becomes Pirate King. Even though he had to sacrifice his life and dreams.

Uniquely, Luffy's conflict with Zoro opponents can all finish Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine in action … unnoticed by Luffy and Zoro himself.


Sanji Against Luffy at Whole Cake Island

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<p align= This one just happened last year in manga and anime. Luffy comes to Whole Cake Island to save Sanji. The problem is, Sanji is forced by the Vinsmoke family to marry Pudding. If he makes trouble, everyone he loves will be attacked … not only by Germa, but certainly by the Big Mom family as well.

Without realizing it, Luffy – new against Charlotte Cracker all out – tried to get Sanji home. Sanji also beat his captain. This fight is very painful, because we know the reason Sanji did that, but Luffy is not.

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Another moment in which a group of Straw Hats fighting against Luffy can you check on the second page!


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