China to Take Over Japan's Anime Industry Soon Again?


Bombarders of investors and industry from China are not just from the field of technology like e-commerce only, but the Japanese anime industry can be overtaken by this bamboo curtain country if not immediately prepare.

It is common knowledge that anime is Japanese and is synonymous with Japan (unless you still assume that anime and cartoon are different then it's different)

Japan succeeded in exporting its animation work to the world from the past until now. But the Japanese anime industry from now must be careful in this era of increasingly hot global competition.

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The Japanese anime industry must be prepared for an anime industry strikes from China, if the Japanese anime industry does not respond quickly to this then China will take control of the anime industry instead of its original Japanese owners.

This observation is expressed by the producer of a phenomenal series in 2017 Kemono Friends named Yoshitada Fukuhara by cuitan on his Twitter account.

He said that China will take over the Japanese anime industry within three years of production and five to ten years in terms of ability. Fukuhara said that China has surpassed Japan in the quantity of production and their 2D and 3D animation techniques.

Video of one Chinese-made anime titled Hitori no Shita The Outcast

Nonetheless, he states that Japan still has power especially in the story section. The Chinese anime story is still centered on children's stories while the Japanese anime has a more mature and complex story that can be enjoyed by audiences from outside Japan.

One Chinese-made anime Cupid Chocolate

Fukuhara said that although now China is still learning from Japan, it is not impossible they will be smarter than Japan because it is able to absorb more the science of the teacher.

Not only the Japanese anime industry is declining recently, other Japanese industries such as cars and electronics are also being dropped dramatically. The cheaper electronic invasion of China seems to replace Japanese products that have been hereditary to accompany various homes around the world.

One of the Chinese-made anime Nuwa Chengzhang Riji

Nonetheless Fukuhara conveyed there are two things that could save Japan's creative economy amidst the current disruptive current like anime and Japanese food.

Hmmmm, will Fukuhara's predictions about Japan anime industry will happen in the near future? Let's see together.

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