Check out the First Trailer of Live-Action Alita Movie: Battle Angel!


From producer James Cameron ( Titanic Avatar Aliens ) and Jon Landau, 20th Century Fox officially released the first trailer of Alita: Battle Angel which is an adaptation of manga by Yukito Kishiro. What's the trailer like? Check out here!

Adaptation manga Battle Angel Alita (known under the title Ganmu in Japan) is indeed one of the dream projects of director and producer James Cameron. Counted, the Titanic and Avatar star has planned to adapt it since 17 years ago precisely in 2000, under the auspices of 20th Century Fox.

After the production process was delayed for nearly two decades due to the busyness of Cameron handling the film project Avatar (2009), Cameron and his producer Jon Landau finally managed to realize the project live action Alita: Battle Angel with Robert Rodriguez ( Spy Kids Machete Sin City ) sat in the director's chair.

After giving teaser trailer yesterday, the 20th Century Fox party finally released the official trailer Alita: Battle Angel !

Alita: Battle Angel takes a background in a post-apocalyptic world and focuses on Alita (Rose Salazar), a cyborg who lost his memory after being found in the condition was damaged and repaired by a good professor of cybernetics.

Alita later became a "Hunter Warrior" after realizing that she possessed the legendary Panzer Kunst martial arts ability, and began her struggle to uncover her past and true identity.

In addition to Rose Salazar, the film also stars the award-winning actor Christoph Waltz ( Inglorious Basterds Spectre ). Dyson Ido, Jennifer Connelly (19459006) A Beautiful Mind Hulk Noah ) as Chiren, Ed Skrein ( Deadpool Game of Thrones ) as Zapan, Mahershala Ali ( Moonlight Hidden Figures ) as Vector, and newcomer Keean Johnson actor as Hugo.

Cameron, Landau, with the help of Laeta Kalogridis wrote screenplay along the 186 pages for this film, which was later changed by Robert Rodriguez as a script ready for filming. Satisfied with Rodriguez's contribution, Cameron then appointed him personally to become the director of the film.

In order to gain a dazzling visual effect, Cameron deploys a motion capture team from Avatar movie to work on most of its CGI effects. Meanwhile, Tom Holkeborg or commonly known by the name Junkie XL (19459006) Mad Max: Fury Road Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ) will handle the musical score for this film.

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Ready to air starting July 20, 2018, will Alita: Battle Angel stop the curse of adaptation manga to a Hollywood movie? Or will it just add to the pile of failed adaptations like Ghost in the Shell ? We'll see!

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