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For those of you who like to watch Detective Conan surely you know Kaito Kid who is one of Conan's opponents that often appears in both the anime and movie Conan. Well, in this article, will discuss the facts of Kaito Kid that you may not yet know.

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Reliable thief who owns Kaito Kuroba's real name already has his own animated series. However, there are still many people who do not really know Kaito Kid characters. Let's discuss Kaito Kid's facts, how many facts have you known before?


Kaito is a Thief and a Reliable Magician

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<p> Kaito Kuroba follows in the footsteps of his father who is a magician. The magic tricks he mastered as disguised as someone else are often used to help him when committing a theft. </p>
<p> While he became a thief in search of the truth about the death of his father who was killed by a group of criminals. The only way he could find them was to look for Pandora's stone that was targeted by the criminal group. </p>
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<p class= Kaito Has a Fear to Fish

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<p> Seeing his action as a thief who often jumps from high buildings and uses <em> hang glider </em> to escape, we can conclude Kaito Kid has no fear of heights. </p>
<p> But it turns out there is one thing that is very feared by Kid, that is fish. Unfortunately, until now there has been no further explanation of the fear of Kid to this fish. </p>
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<p class= Kaito Kid Has a Face Similar to Shinichi Kudo

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<p> Kaito Kid's real face is very similar to Shinichi Kudo's face. Kid who knows that Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo often utilize this situation to sneak into important events to perform the theft action. </p>
<p> This is because the police often pinch the faces of the guests to make sure there are no Kid disguised as guests. However, by using his real face and claiming to be Shinichi, he can easily escape from the charge. </p>
<p> Additionally, it is not uncommon that Kid helps Conan in resolving the cases that occur when they are together. This can be seen in several <em> movies </em> like <em> Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky </em><em> Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem, Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky, </em> and <em> Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno </em>. </p>
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<p class= Kaito Kid Always Sending Notices Before Action

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<p> Before Kid runs the steal, he always sends an advance notice to his potential victim. In the anime <em> Detective Conan </em>usually the victim of Kaito Kid is the uncle of Sonoko Suzuki namely Jirokichi Suzuki. </p>
<p> Upon receipt of the notice, the potential victim will immediately contact such renowned detectives as Shinichi Kudo and Kogoro Mouri, as well as the police who always take care of Kid's case of Inspector Nakamori. Also note that Kid has never injured anyone during his steal. </p>
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<p class= Two People His School Friends Know His Identity

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<p> Akako Koizumi is a female witch who attended Ekoda <em> High School </em> along with Kaito Kuroba. He is a beautiful woman and thanks to the power of his magic, he managed to captivate the men in his school. </p>
<p> While Saguru Hakuba is a young detective who goes to school at the same place. During this time he was busy taking care of his work in England, until finally he returned to Japan and intend to capture Kaito Kid. </p>
<p> These two Kaito Kuroba school friends know the identity of Kaito Kid, though Saguru Hakuba is still not too sure of his allegations. </p>
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Those are the 5 facts of Kaito Kid that not everyone knows. How many of these facts do you already know before reading this article? Yuk share your opinion in the comment field!

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