CGV Indonesia Strikes Illegal Record Movie No Game No Life?

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<p> <em> – CGV Indonesia Adjusts Illegal Record Action Movie No Game No Life? </em> </p>
<p> It was just a few weeks ago that mimin reported that one of our neighbors was struck because some viewers did live streaming in social media. This time our own country lho got his rebuke directly from the CGV Cinemas Indonesia lho nakama tachi. </p>
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Sad really ya see the update from CGV Indonesia The Illegal Record Action Record that happened yesterday.

Party A has performed live on a personal account on Instagram. Given the followers account has reached 100k more, even this news spread widely. Although this A party has apologized in his social media. Unfortunately many netizen responses provide skewed comments, such as the admin is required to apologize directly to the CGV, not just in Instagram only. But there are some parties who forgive and tolerate this incident, but some elements are not accepted because of this incident, the other anime film had to be postponed.

So how does the tacos nakama response to this incident ?? Hopefully this incident is the last event occurred in Indonesia. There are still lots of Japanese movies and anime that must be aired in Indonesia. Do not you want if if Indonesia d blacklist ?? 😀

The CGV party also appealed to netizens especially fans of anime movies all to remind friends and the next one if doing live streaming in their social media. First, the rays of your gadget screen will disturb the other audiences. Secondly, this live stream is a hijacking action that can be penalized lho ~! So, even amateur recording, you can get a lawsuit lho nakama tachi ~ Back mimin hope, hope this kind of event is the last happening ya ~ Mimin also expect cooperation from nakama tachi all also yes, hope Japanese movie and anime remain on the big screen Indonesia ~!

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