CETAR !! It's The 7 Strongest Lightning Sticks in the Animanga World


Lightning strikes like Chidori is one of the deadly strokes in the anime world. What are the strongest lightning strikes in the anime? Here's the list!

The genre of action animanga is often decorated by various strokes of death. It can appear in various fictional media, such as anime, manga, even video games. One of the deadly strokes in the fictional world is the lightning stance.

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Lightning stance is a deadly stunt in the anime world, as it usually causes widespread damage or can be centered on a single target. No wonder people who can do lightning stance is only done by the nimble and powerful people – be it an antagonist or a protagonist.

Surely the lightning stroke that appears does not look similar. Each story has the unique strongest lightning stroke, so it has its own coolness.

Some of the strongest lightning strokes that appear in various anime, manga, or video games are as follows.

Thunder and Lightning Antenna – Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter is the fourth Sailor of Sailor Senshi. As a human, he is Makoto Kino who is a tough woman and a martial artist.

He is a Sailor who fights with lightning attacks. The thing that became his trademark was the presence of an antenna in his tiara when he did the lightning stroke. This antenna is only visible if it performs a lightning attack.

It is said that the planet Jupiter is a planet whose surface conditions of the planet experienced a storm and lightning raging. Besides the God of Jupiter-or the God of Zeus is the God of Lightning. Perhaps this is the basis for the power of lightning from Sailor Jupiter.

Bao Zakeruga – Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell is a demon who came to earth to fight. It is said that the winner of the battle on Earth will become a king in the demon world. But when he came down to earth, Zatch lost his memory due to the act of his twin brother Zeon. Zaon does this because he is jealous of Zatch Bell who inherits a stance from his father who is called "Bao".

Bao himself represents the magic of lightning. Together with Kiyomaro who became a human companion, gradually Zatch Bell mastered the magic spells from Bao both an attack spell and a defense spell. For an attack spell, most of the Zatch Bell emits lightning energy from its mouth.

Some magic tricks are successfully mastered between Zakeru, Rashield, Zakeruga, and Bao Zakeruga. Bao Zakeruga himself is the fourth mantra and Zatch Bell's strongest stance of electrical energy that forms a gigantic dragon. Later it became known that this spell could not be controlled and could destroy its controllers. Therefore the fifth spell appears as Zakeruga, which is a more focused lightning attack.

Hiraijin Kirin – Sasuke Sarutobi

In Samurai Deeper Kyo Sasuke Sarutobi is a ninja who joins Sanada Jyuuyushi. He has the blood of the Mibu clan from the guinea pigs. He uses a sword made by Muramasa, the same swordmaker Kyoshiro Mibu.

Sasuke Sarutobi fights by using the lightning element reinforced with the fake Mibu red eyes he has. Some of his moves include Raikoken, Mouraien, and some Raijin stance.

Sasuke Sarutobi's ultimate stance is Hirinjin Kirin. This jutsu is a collection of lightning energy collected on Sasuke's sword, and because of the enormity of this lightning energy forming the appearance of the winged Pegasus

No doubt, Hiraijin Kirin deserves to be called one of the strongest lightning strokes.

But that's just three. Check out the strongest thunder of the other anime title on the second page!


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