Goku's request will surprise you!!

Synopsis Dragon Ball Super 131 has been circulated and discussed by before. Yet there is still something interesting from the Dragon Ball Super preview 131, whose footage is presented at the end of this week's episode. So, Jiren who has been pushed by Goku can fight back against Golden …

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Dragon Ball Super 130: Goku suddenly runs out of power?!

As usual, the discussion of Dragon Ball Super 130 is certainly contained spoiler . If you have not watched the episode and anti-leak, you're actually getting into the wrong article. But if you are already watching and want to remember certain details, or just do not mind spoiler please read …

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The Lasting Pair of Conan Volume 1! (Part 1)

The love story of Ran and Shinichi is one of the most anticipated stories of fans Detective Conan . Shinichi is cool but can not involve Ran into conflicts with the Black Cloak Organizations and Ran is very faithful waiting always to be his own magnet. Here is a story …

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