Carrot Will Rampage ?! What is the effect of the full moon on Mink?


 full moon effect on mink "One Piece </em> Chapter 886 shows Carrot wondering if the month will appear, then what exactly the effect Full moon on Mink? </h4>
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 full moon effect on mink "width =" 800 "height =" 468 "/> The full moon effect on Mink was mentioned several times by Wanda, a member of the Mink Tribe. between the full moon and the Mink race as if a full moon had a harmful effect on them.Even recently, Carrot also asked about the possibility of a full moon in <em> One Piece </em> 886. </p>
<p> So far it has not been mentioned clearly, what impact will the Mink experience if the full moon appears. But from the hint shown so far, it is possible that this impact is related to the trump card mentioned by Inuarashi long when the story is still spinning in Zou. </p>
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If the key is in the full moon effect on mink, then the trump card intended by Inuarashi can not be used that easily because they can only wear it when the full moon appears.

Wanda and Carrot's words seem to indicate that the Minks will be dangerous creatures when the full moon appears. Earlier the full moon was not visible because it was covered in clouds. Since the full moon effect on Mink seems to be re-emphasized by Carrot's statement, it is not impossible we will see the effect immediately.

Go down to the sea and become the Pirate King! Go out with Luffy and the Straw Hats in your hand!

Caesar once mentioned that the Mink Tribe is a barbaric race that has enormous powers. Surprisingly, the Mink tribe does not seem to have a particular grudge on humans and even seems to welcome the guests who come to remember them until they have a bell of welcome for outside guests.

We know that the Minks have an uncontrollable animal side. An example of Mink dogs who can not help when they meet Brook, Roddy the bull who directly plowing the waving cloth, and Blackback the gorilla that can be soothed with a banana.

Is this what makes the Mink Tribe appear ruthless in the eyes of the layman?

The full moon effect on Mink will be explained further, so just go to the next page!


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