Captain Tsubasa 2018 Prediction Episode 10: The appearance of Kojiro Hyuga!

You fans of Kojiro Hyuga's character in the anime Captain Tsubasa ? Just like the author, and we should be happy because Hyuga will appear in the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 the upcoming 10th episode!

What did Kojiro Hyuga's appearance look like? Is it the same as the 1983 version? Consider the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 the next 10 episodes!

Previously, let's discuss a little episode 9. Here, the golden pair of Tsubasa and Misaki finally with ciamik able to protect the Nankatsu goal from Shutetsu, and even scored for equalizer, and the game ended in a draw.


After the game is over, as usual, Tsubasa and his friends are still practicing, until Wakabayashi arrives and brings the news that Roberto has been retired from the world of footballers. Long story short, at the end of episode 9, Tsubasa and others follow the selection of Nankatsu regional team selection, and from Nankatsu school, Tsubasa, Misaki, and Ishizaki are elected. From Shutetsu, Quartet Shutetsu and Wakabayashi were elected.

Okay, having already covered a bit of episode 9, let's start discussing the anime prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 10!

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<p> Even though Tsubasa, Misaki, and Ishizaki have been selected as Nankatsu districts, they still have to compete for entry as core players. </p>
<p> For Tsubasa and Misaki, maybe this is not too difficult, considering that they are very good at playing football, even since they were little. </p>
<p> The problem is in Ishizaki. Because of that, in <em> Captain Tsubasa 2018 </em> episode 10, we'll see the Nankatsu SD team re-train with three elected players, and we also see how Ishizaki is trying to become a core partner. </p>
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Hyuga Challenges Wakabayashi



Misaki tells of how "horrified" his Meiwa player is, Kojiro Hyuga who once played with Misaki, and here we meet Hyuga.

Kojiro Hyuga is described as a strong and rugged player. After hearing Wakabayashi enter as a Nankatsu player, he is certainly very passionate and heading to Nankatsu just to challenge this team.

Long story short, when Nankatsu regional team is doing a dueling exercise, Hyuga goes straight into the field and interrupts the game.

Alone, Hyuga can mop up all selected players of the Nankatsu area, until he finally meets and confronts the goalkeeper, Wakabayashi.

Hyuga challenges Wakabayashi, and gives his best shot. But not just a strong Hyuga kick, Wakabayashi's injury made him unable to catch, and was born a goal, to everyone's surprise.

That's the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 10. How do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field and share it with your friends, yes.

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