Can Shikadai Win Against Shinki at the Chūnin Test of Boruto?

Compared to his father in the era Naruto ago, Shikadai really wanted to perform optimally on the chunin exam. Hence he got grieved so lost to Boruto, and was furious when he realized Boruto won because cheat .

Even so, let's say that Shikadai successfully defeated Boruto. Can Shikadai win against Shinki, whom he will face with Sarada in the final?

The author feels that Shikadai can at least provide an exciting resistance when facing Shinki. In terms of taijutsu and skills Shikadai may be far less than Shinki. Yet this one guy still has the intellectual genius of the Nara family.

One of the advantages of Shikadai when he is given a chance against Shinki is that he has got a picture of what Shinki's strength is from Shinki's fight against Chocho and Mitsuki. This will save his time, unlike against Yodo where he must first know the weakness of his enemy.

Shikadai will most likely then become support throughout the duel. He will give directions to Sarada what to do, and try to open up opportunities for Sarada to beat Shinki.

If Sarada wins, and he is not careful, Shikadai will then use Kageshibari no Jutsu to cripple Sarada and all win the chunin exam. The Nara family's fighting style was more or less like that.

Unfortunately, there are weaknesses of Sarada and Shikadai that could prevent Shikadai from winning against Shinki.


Neither Sarada nor Shikadai has a strong enough jutsu

In the end, Boruto and his cheat defeated Shikadai with a shiden; a high-level lightning jutsu that can not be overcome by the iron sand of Shinki.

The intellectual combination of Sarada and Shikadai may be able to give a better resistance than Sarada with Boruto. But in the end, because they did not have skill at the level of the shiden, their struggle was likely to end in vain.

One of the main factors is that Shinki can still attack despite being paralyzed by Kageshibari no Jutsu. He will not be lost simply because he is paralyzed like his partner, Yodo.

Therefore, it is most likely that if Shikadai accompanies Sarada against Shinki, in the end this Konoha duo will still be uprooted.

Cheat Boruto might be a bitch. However, for the sake of the development of Shinki's personality, it feels right to have Boruto defeated Shinki.

The defeat at Boruto's hands should make the Shinki realize that there is still sky above the sky. He can still be subdued, either because his enemy wear cheat or because his enemy is stronger than himself. The author sees this as potentially making Shinki become more mature, so he deserves promotion to be a chunin.

By contrast, Shikadai and Sarada may be able to offer interesting resistance. But just an interesting fight is not enough to make the Shinki impressed. Just look at his reaction against Chocho, who had exerted all his strength to push Shinki but still failed.

So in conclusion, yep, Shikadai flavor writers can not beat Shinki. In addition, the events in the chunin exam version of the anime series are indeed the best for Shinki.

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