Can Overcome Life and Death, Here's 5 Jutsu of Immortality in Naruto Anime Manga


Living all the time and doing evil, shinobi this developed the jutsu immortality that made them eternal life. But the reality of immortality remains unfulfilled. Here are 5 jutsu immortality in the Naruto manga anime

Naruto is constrained by the shinobi shinobi this is apparently using jutsu immortality. They make themselves not only impossible to die naturally, but also very hard to beat because of the nature of "immortality" is. Here are 5 jutsu immortality in the manga anime Naruto.



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User: Kakuzu

Kakuzu shinobi Takigakure steals this prohibited jutsu from his village before defecting and becoming an escape. He can maximize the benefits of black threads to heal wounds, connect the body, even nerves and muscles. With this jutsu he transforms himself into a patchworked doll with the stitch of his black thread. Kakuzu proved to live eternally by stealing the hearts of the enemies he defeated. He's still alive without getting old since the time of the Second Hokage. This is jutsu immortality ala Kakuzu.


Fushi Tensei

User: Orochimaru

Orochimaru seems to be trying hard to earn immortality. He is a shinobi Konoha with great intelligence and is actually a fourth Hokage candidate.

Orochimaru succeeds in creating a jutsu of immortality that allows him to move his soul on a new, younger body according to his wishes. When moving soul, Orochimaru became the original form of a giant white snake. He mastered and transferred his soul completely to the chosen target.

With this jutsu eternity and youth can be attained. (Yes, these are two different effects.There are a number of characters that are just immortal but not youthful).

Fushi Tensei can be done every 3 years and one of Orochimaru's target is Sasuke which then backfires upon him.


Edo Tensei

User: Orochimaru, Kabuto, Madara Uchiha (target immortal)

Represents jutsu the most popular immortality in the manga anime Naruto Edo Tensei is a forbidden Konoha jutsu stolen and developed by Orochimaru. This jutsu can arouse any person whose DNA is known at the expense of a person instead.

In the attack on Konoha, Orochimaru awakens Hashirama and Tobirama. Later Edo tensei was developed again by Kabuto who evoked much shinobi in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Despite attaining immortality, the person who is resurrected with jutsu is fully controlled by the user. However, Madara can escape in the last moment of Edo Tensei's cancellation and rise to life again.



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<p> User: Sasori </p>
<p> In addition to obsessing with <em> kugutsu </em>Sasori was also obsessed with eternal life, because he lost his parents whom he loved so much. </p>
<p> Sasori developed a technique that can turn humans into dolls to achieve immortality. It is the result of the <em> hitokugutsu </em> which combines the immortality of the doll (which is an inanimate object) with human life. He transforms his whole body into a puppet and leaves his heart alone which is a remnant aspect of human life. With this technique, he becomes a puppet and can achieve immortality as he pleases. </p>
<p> 5 </p>
<p class= Chakura Kyuin Jutsu

User: Madara Uchiha

One of the uniqueness of Madara Uchiha is that it can absorb chakra someone or something. He absorbed chakra when Hashirama succeeded in defeating him and integrating with his chakra . When he was already the Tail of Ten, he then absorbed the tree of life and declared itself to be an immortal person.

Well, how does it feel to live in eternity? Many people are eyeing immortality and youthful, but the Naruto manga anime proves the immortality of cravings that indirectly make them into soul monster or hesitant. Kakuzu becomes a patchwork doll, Sasori becomes a cool doll, and Orochimaru becomes dead of his soul.

Whatever it is, it must be admitted jutsu jutsu immortality is great!

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