Can Mitsubishi Sage Mode Beat Shinki at Boruto?

It feels like Shinki is a bit disappointed that until the end Mitsuki decides to give in instead of exerting his full strength in a duel.

But actually this Mitsuki decision is also very reasonable. Flaunting senjutsu for no reason will only make him get into trouble. In fact not just him, Orochimaru can be affected.

It's just that, if really Mitsuki can deploy Sage Mode without being disqualified, can Sage Mode Mitsuki defeat Shinki?

According to personal authors, yes, Sage Mode Mitsuki can defeat Shinki.

Shinki is powered up to the end of the chunin exam. As he lost, he was subdued by cheat . Before that, he could not even be hurt by the genin.

But his defeat of Boruto made the author discover Shinki's weakness. Basically, this genius still has power limitation.

Now, Shinki is already incredibly tough. The only way to conquer it is to pit his Genkai Jiton's Kekkei Genkai with power beyond it.

The two forces that can surpass the Shinki, unfortunately, can not be used by any other genin in the chunin exam. The first is a magical kote, which can make a Boruto unleash a shiden without exerting chakra. The second one is senjutsu.

It's just that, Sage Mode Mitsuki beat Shinki will not happen easily. It could be there will be exciting duel first, like Mitsubishi duel with Shino Aburame. (Which unfortunately is not shown).

But Shino who may be jonin classmates can be conquered Sage Mode Mitsuki. Therefore Sage Mode Mitsuki beat Shinki feels very likely.


Interestingly, Mitsuki may feel the Sage Mode does not need to be deployed in the chunin exam. (Because the negative impact will be more of the positive impact). However from preview in circulation, it seems that Mitsuki will be forced to use Sage Mode in Boruto upcoming episode due to emergency situations due to the emergence of Momoshiki and Kinshiki!

The use of senjutsu is also not happening in the manga nor movie so it will be like what Mitsuki uses it is still intriguing.

For the Navers who fan Mitsuki, the upcoming episode Boruto seems not to be missed!

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