Can Kill and Ruin the Village, Here Are The 5 Greatest Weapons in Animanga Naruto


The five weapons and its users will be greatly feared in the shinobi world. Some have even killed and destroyed the village. Here are the 5 greatest weapons in the manga anime Naruto.

In the manga anime Naruto, a person becomes powerful indeed derived from his ability to use the strategies, sciences, and jutsu he mastered. However, not infrequently also weapons can be of great help shinobi even though it is not a purely kinjutsu user. Here are the 5 greatest weapons in the manga anime Naruto .



User: Kisame Hoshigaki, Killer B, Shizuma Hoshigaki

Samehada can be said to be the most powerful sword of another sword belonging to seven sword legends. This sword has its own life force and will, can not be controlled easily, and possesses a great ability to suck chakra enemy.

Kisame and Samehada seem to have a close and inseparable relationship. In fact he can unite with Kisame to form a shark body with tremendous power. Because of their close relationship, Samehada cried when Kisame died.

Samehada was later used by Killer B. In Boruto this sword was then held by Shizuma Hoshigaki, a teenager who was a clan with Kisame.



User: Orochimaru

The Kusanagi sword is Orochimaru's mainstay weapon that is often used in various fights. Its shape is like a common sword, but with extraordinary sharpness.

Enma, the animal calls Hiruzen, says that Kusanagi can make her sick even though her body is so hard. Orochimaru can control it remotely and turn it into a snake that can run back to it. At one time it was also known that Orochimaru hid Kusanagi in his body and took it out through his mouth.



User: Madara, Obito

Fan-shaped big fan that can not be folded. Gunbai is a hereditary weapon of the Uchiha clan and is seen carried by Madara Uchiha while fighting, both in the clan era and in clash with Hashirama.

It is Madara's weapon, Gunbai can be used to attack and defend. When using the mask, Obito is known to use this weapon to fight, as well as fooling his enemy that he is Madara.



User: Itachi

The sword of Totsuka is a sword that is greatly admired for its greatness. Orochimaru says that he's looking for him all his life but never finds it.

The user, Itachi uses Totsuka with his Susanoo . With this sword, Itachi can cut Orochimaru in the form of an eight-headed snake that comes out of Sasuke's curse seal. It makes Orochimaru sealed and removes Sasuke's curse seal. The news says that this slashed creature will be caught in the genjutsu.



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<p> User: Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Obito Uchiha </p>
<p> This god's sword is shaped like a string of DNA in the real world and is a sword of legend in the manga anime <em> Naruto </em>. He said that Nunoboko's sword was used to create the world by Hagoromo. In Obito's mastery, this sword is damaged by a sword attack <em> Susanoo </em> belongs to Sasuke which is reinforced with chakra from Kurama. </p>
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Well, what do you think? Have you ever seen these weapons in action and show their greatness?

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