Byakuya Kuchiki Live Action Version Show! Similar Not to Anime Bleach Version?

Already know that anime and manga Bleach will get the film Live Action ? You also must have seen how Ichigo version Live Action in this movie is not it?

Many comment on the appearance of Ichigo Kurosaki played by Kamen Rider Fourze Sota Fukushi in the film Live Action Bleach is really like a person who is cosplay, and wears a complete suit and weapon for cosplay as Ichigo Kurosaki.

Wait till you see the character Byakuya Kuchiki version Live Action Bleach . Byakuya Kuchiki in this film is played by Miyavi or Takamasa Ishihara who is a band member and also has experience in two Hollywood movies, namely Unbroken and Kong: Skull Island .

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<p> How do you think the appearance of Byakuya Kuchiki version <em> Live Action </em> played by Miyavi? It looks very cosplay (or like members of Visual Kei band), but its appearance is quite okay according to the author. At least there is a resemblance to Byakuya Kuchiki's character in the anime version (unlike Rukia). </p>
<p> Not only Byakuya Kuchiki version <em> Live Action </em> is shown, but there are also characters Renji and Uryu Ishida. The actor who plays Renji is Taichi Saotome who once played Ryohei Kagami in <em> Crows Explode </em>. </p>
<p> To Uryu Ishida, the cast is <del> Kamen Rider Meteor </del> Ryo Yoshizawa who plays Okita Sogo in the movie <em> Live Action Gintama </em>. From his appearance, Renji and Uryu Ishida also look to have a promising appearance. </p>
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What do you think of those three characters? Is Byakuya Kuchiki version Live Action looks cool? Or do you prefer Uryu Ishida and Renji version Live Action ? Given that they are famous Japanese actors, it seems beyond their appearance (which for some people is too cosplay), their ability to play roles is unquestionable. Try to watch teaser Live Action Bleach first below for those of you who have not seen it:

Live-action Bleach will be released on 20 July 2018 in Japan. However, as of this writing, there is no further information on whether Live Action Bleach will be aired in Indonesia or not. Given the hype of Bleach is quite high, it seems to be airing. If so, do you want to watch this movie? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.

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