Bulleted Ball by Jiren!


Despite losing to Jiren, Goku still has not been eliminated. In Dragon Ball Super episodes 111, 112, 113, and 114, he still has to fight!

Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super getting heated up! Though Goku and Jiren have faced each other, but it seems that the two strongest fighters of each of his 19459006 universes will still be kept for the end of the Tournament-given that Goku himself will be defeated and seriously wounded. Despite the defeat, Goku has not been eliminated, you know! In Dragon Ball Super episodes 111, 112, 113, and 114, Goku is still going to fight – and seems to be trying to master the technique Subconscious Movement Mastery of Self-Movement ) – a technique not even fully mastered by Beerus.

Approximately, how is Goku's fate after fighting Jiren? Let's take a look at the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super episodes 111, 112, 113, and 114 below:

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<h4> <strong> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> </strong> <strong> Episode 111 – <em> A Battle of Extreme Level! Hit vs. Jiren! </em> </strong> </h4>
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Release Date: October 15

Jiren of Universe 11, bounces Goku's spirit spirits from Universe 7, and then faces Hit from Universe 6. Hit deliberately lets Jiren attack him so he can make plans to confront Jiren. Then, Hit also uses "Time-Skip", but the ability of this Hit is not useful at all against Jiren!

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